Why we are an Oracle Partner

Our Oracle Silver Partner status relays our commitment to working within the Oracle eco-system. We are actually in the process of moving into Oracle Gold Partner status and hope to achieve that accreditation before the end of this year, 2014. For our customers this shows our focus on Oracle products and the customers of Oracle products. It means that we have access to Oracle Partner programs for working with Oracle engineers, sales teams, and Oracle customers. It also means that we have access to Oracle Support and CEAL teams to ensure that our products are engineered to work with Oracle products and can be prepared for the latest Oracle product releases and patch releases. Lastly, we believe our customers seek quality products and solutions. As an Oracle Silver Partner our customers know that they will receive quality products and solutions from our group as we abide under the Oracle Partner Program's standards and advisory.

What guarantee do customers have that our software will continue to function along with Oracle BI upgrades and patches?

Our License Agreement and Service Level Agreement have two specific clauses that cover our customers with guarantees. The first is a clause that states that our BITeamwork software will make available a patch version to align with any new releases of Oracle BI within a 21 day period. This allows our customers to feel confident that upon any planned upgrade to the latest version or patch of Oracle BI that BITeamwork will be available for that release and will work as intended. The second is a clause that states in general that if for some reason our organization fails to meet any requirements or contractual obligations that the source code will be delivered to the customer. We feel that these two key guarantees provide confidence in our organization, our product, and our ability to keep up-to-date with the Oracle BI platform. Lastly we frequently communicate with the Oracle BI development teams at Oracle HQ. We engage in early partner programs and provide input on the Oracle BI product roadmap in order to help make the product better based on our experiences and expertise with the product and Oracle BI customers. All of these statements make our product better and provide our customers with confidence in our products.

If you would like to talk to us regarding how we work with Oracle, please call 888.999.0814 (US).