On-Demand Webinars

Embedded BI + Collaborative BI for OBIEE * Mobile BI

This webinar will explore the five different areas in which BITeamwork goes beyond its core functionality of adding comments and annotations to Oracle BI dashboards and reports.

Explore Collaborative BI for Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE)

This webinar introduces how to engage users to tell the story behind their data by commenting and annotating in Oracle Business Intelligence. We will discuss the business case for Collaborative BI and explore the many functions of BITeamwork for Oracle BI that help provide customers of Oracle BI with more metrics to define their ROI from their BI implementations.

BITeamwork Teaser Video

Oracle Business Intelligence Collaboration. Comments, annotations, and more. Watch also integration with Salesforce.com Chatter. Bring teamwork, accountability, and another reason for end-users to spend time with your company's Oracle BI 11g implementation.


Commenting in the Oracle BI Mobile iPad App

View how easy it is to leave comments in the Oracle BI iPad application with the integration of BITeamwork.

BITeamwork Security Privileges

In order to sync BITeamwork with the OBIEE security principals, the security manager must be configured with the permissions of an OBIEE administrator having SOAP privileges and the sync routine executed. After this one-time configuration step the BITeamwork system will be in-sync with OBIEE security and will allow security privileges for BITeamwork operations to be provisioned.

OBIEE and SharePoint Integration

Learn to integrate OBIEE dashboards, views, graphs, and tables into Microsoft SharePoint using OBIEE Embedded BI from BITeamwork.