Inline Cell Comments - The Pure Comment Integration.

An always visible and easily editable comment for any pivot table or standard table report. Oracle BI report developers and power users can easily create an maintain this functionality through a simple API readily available when creating standard report columns. The commenting API allows changes to features, editing, background color, size of the comment box, and more.

BITeamwork annotates table cells inline
BITeamwork helps tell the story about your data

BITeamwork helps tell the story about your data.

When users are empowered to socialize thoughts and perspectives within Oracle BI itself, a new level of actionable intelligence can be achieved. With BITeamwork the conversation can also be extended past the Oracle BI application and easily exposed outward to other social networks such as Yammer, Chatter, or the Oracle Social Network.

Annotate - Think Excel comments but on Dashboards.

Leave a comment in any cell of a table or pivot table object. A user is now able to enter comment mode, select an individual cell within a dashboard table or pivot table object and annotate. And because this logic is built on the same BITeamwork framework, all cell comments can solicit replies, be assigned, secured, etc. Cell Comments can also be customized. The color can be changed and custom icons can be used in any combination.

BITeamwork annotates table cells
Secure comments

Secure comments for all or no one to see

Got Security? Allow only specific users permission to view/read a comment or leave open to 'Everyone'. Without a doubt a commenting and collaboration solution would not be complete without the ability to restrict comments to certain groups, users, or application roles. BITeamwork leverages the existing BI system's security model and it adds an extra layer for securing your comments by application role, user, taxonomy/category of a comment, a specific prompt value or simply open for all to see.