Advanced configuration for BITeamwork implies additional configuration areas for BITeamwork functionality, options, or other controls that are not necessarily part of the BITeamwork control panel.

These type of configurations are often seen for new product enhancements or one-off functionality adjustments that are declared by development to be loose or ancillary requirements and need to fall within a faster deployment and less invasive process for implementation. This allows faster deployment of the application patches or releases (i.e.: WAR file only) vs. the need to upgrade the BITeamwork database schema.

Introduced in BITeamwork 3.8 there are two forms of the advanced configuration:

  1. Custom Messages (customMessages.xml in deployed OBIEE ORACLE_HOME BITeamwork MSGDB Path)
  2. JSON Ancillary Config (BITeamwork Control Panel text area stored relationally)

Custom Messages is part of the OBIEE API which is native to all versions of OBIEE.

The path to the custom messages folder location that BITeamwork uses is the best practice method which allows for smoother operability and reduces any conflict on future upgrades or patches that you may apply to your OBIEE system.

These paths are different in OBIEE 11g and OBIEE 12c as OBIEE 12c has the Service Instance framework logic which is more compartmentalized (future multi-tenant capability) than OBIEE 11g:

  1. OBIEE 11g: FMW_HOME/user_projects/domains/bifoundation_domain/bifoundation/ OracleBIPresentationServicesComponent/coreapplication_obips1/msgdb/l_en/customMessages
  2. OBIEE 12c: ORACLE_HOME/user_projects/domains/bi/bidata/service_instances/ssi/metadata/content/msgdb/customMessages

Custom Message Configuration Area

In the customMessages.xml file deployed with BITeamwork you will see several OBIEE areas for message table XML elements. The key area where additional configuration options can be made is the one that appears by default as shown below:

$.teamwork({"bitwPageAlias":"unknown", "bitwPageType":"unknown", "teamworkCDNServer":tw_obiserversTLD, "bitwVendorVersion":"122100"});

NOTE: The value such as tw_obiserversTLD and potentially others that do not have double-quotes are variables and MUST NOT have double-quotes. Other values should unless otherwise stated.

Inside of the parenthesis "()" is a JSON string that MUST BE purse JSON syntax. You can validate the JSON syntax using an online JSON (JSONLint) validator such as one found here (JSONLint) or here (JSONFormatter).

Configuration Options

The below options are allow immediate flexibility to assist in BITeamwork configuration. Because this is customMessages.xml based, the values once saved to the file will be immediately referenceable in BITeamwork once you use the "Reload Metadata" option in the OBIEE Administration page.

Please note, the following values are required, so do not change the default values below unless told to do so by BITeamwork Support.

  1. bitwPageAlias
  2. bitwPageType
  3. teamworkCDNServer
  4. bitwVendorVersion

One or more of the other options that can be used in addition to the required options above are:

  • bitwCollabHeaderTitle
    • Allows the header portion of the collaboration pane to be changed from the default "BITeamwork for Oracle BI" to something of your choosing.
    • Possible values are blank (i.e.: empty quotes) or up to 50 characters.
    • Example: $.teamwork({..., "bitwCollabHeaderTitle":"Company XYZ Collaboration"});
  • bitwCollabDropdownTitle
    • Modifies the naming of the collaboration pane dropdown title.
    • Effectively this changes the standard "BITeamwork Collaboration" to something of your choosing
    • Possible values are blank (i.e.: empty quotes) or up to 50 characters.
    • Example: $.teamwork({..., "bitwCollabDropdownTitle":"Collaboration"});
  • bitwCollabVoteLabel
    • Modifies the text next to the Like or Vote icon to something of your choosing. Remember, the Like/Vote icon default of a thumbs-up icon image can be changed using the BITW control panel option by specifying a referencable image URI.
    • Effectively this changes the standard "BITeamwork Collaboration" to something of your choosing
    • Possible values are blank (i.e.: empty quotes) or up to 10 characters.
    • Example: $.teamwork({..., "bitwCollabVoteLabel":"Vote Me"});
  • bitwViewCmtIconPosition
    • Modifies the position of the View Comment icon (bubble icon) that by default appears at the bottom left of the view to a horizontal position along the bottom of the view
    • Possible values: left, right, center or middle
    • Example: $.teamwork({..., "bitwViewCmtIconPosition":"left"});

Coming Soon to Version 3.8.8